Instruction on poster preparation and display for seminar session

Authors of papers accepted for presentation in the seminar session are required to present a brief summary (3 minutes) in the conventional lecture-room format during one of several parallel sessions. In the remaining time, authors will present their work in more detail with the aid of posters in a designated area in the south lobby of the 1st floor in the congress venue. Poster-viewing and discussion sessions are scheduled for August 21 Tuesday afternoon, and August 23 Thursday afternoon, following the seminar sessions. Authors are required to post their posters in the designated area one day before the poster-viewing session.

The Congress will provide poster boards and stands, and glue tapes. Posters should be prepared directly on one sheet if possible, or at least on a few A1 or A2 sheets. Be warned that posters made by taping together A4 or quarto sheets tend to look amateurish and may not do your presentation justice. The lettering should be large enough to be read by someone standing 2m back from the poster and the following text sizes are suggested.

  • Title: 2-3 cm;
  • Authors’ names and affiliations: 2cm;
  • Section headings (ABSTRACT, RESULTS, etc.):2 cm.

The text itself should be approximately 10mm high. The use of more diagrams, colour, and fewer words is recommended for clarity. Use phrases and short sentences in “bullet points”.  It is recommended that the poster be divided into sections: a one or two sentence abstract; problem definition and/or aims; methods; results; conclusions.